What is an "Automated Law Firm"?

It's a law firm that provides clients with legal help via automated legal tools, like smart forms, quizzes, and chatbots, and so aides both the anxious client and the busy legal staff.

Using law-firm-designed and maintained tech has major benefits.

But "Automated" doesn't mean we are solely focused on tech.

Our media and tech-based projects co-exist and enforce our real-world advocacy and educational efforts to create a safer world for our (mostly) immigrant clients.

1. Un Lugar

Located at our offices, this space offers advocacy and education training to our immigrant clients and their families.

2. Immi Great!

Our popular Youtube Channel offers tips to help immigrants cut down on mistakes and to make better decisions.
Bull City lawyer various projects

3. BeyondDACA

This is our free-to-use self-diagnostic tool for undocumented immigrants and DACA holders looking for paths to legal status.

4. Secret Pro-Bono Removal Defense Project

A new non-profit is going to be announced in early 2019. Stay tuned. Until then, Shh, it's a secret!

And – OF COURSE! – we provide a range of traditional legal services

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